14. The Man Who Stole the Dish of Gold Wherein the Dog Ate

A poor man flees from his debtors and eventually enters a house of a rich man. Here he eats with some dogs, which are inspired by Allah, and takes the golden dish. When he sells the dish and repays his debtors he becomes a rich merchant within a few years. He wants to repay the man of whom he stole the dish, but the now poor man refuses.

A poor man with many debts flees from his debtors and enters a house with a train of people. He sits himself somewhere at the back. Then a man enters with four sporting dogs wearing golden collars. He ties his dogs and brings them food in golden dishes. The poor man wants to eat with the dogs and Allah inspires the dogs to let him, and take the dish. The man does so and sells the dish. With the money he repays his debts and eventually becomes a rich merchant.

After some years he wants to repay the man with the dogs for the stolen dish, but when he searches for the man he finds an abandoned house. He meets with the owner and the owner tells him misfortune came to him. The merchant tells him the story of the dog and wants to give him the price of the golden dish but the former Lord of the house refuses. Why should a dog do such a thing? Whereupon the merchant leaves him.

From: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 04

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