17. How Abu Hasan Brake Wind

Abu Hasan, a former Badawi, wants to have a new wife after his former deceased. During the wedding celebration he lets a great fart and flees out of shame to India. When he returns after ten years a mother still relates the case to her daughter upon which Abu flees again to India and remains and dies.

In the City of Kaukaban of Al-Yaman lives Aby Hasan, who left Badawi life and became a merchant townsman. His wife deceases and he longs for a new one. He goes to the women who procure matches and makes a high festival with many important people. When the bride arrives he stands up slowly, but because of the meat and drink he lets a terrible and great fart. Although the guests start talking louder as if they didn’t hear a thing, Abu Hasan flees from the room by excuse of a call of nature. He goes to India where he remains for ten years, but eventually he is taken by home-sickness. When he almost reaches his home he wonders if the case is still remembered. He overhears a mother talking to her daughter: “Thou wast born, O my daughter, on the very night when Abu Hasan farted”. Then Abu flees back to India and there abides in self-exile till he dies.

From: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 05

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