19A. The First Voyage of Sinbad Hight the Seaman

Sinbad was once rich but now he has lost that wealth. He buys goods to go on a voyage on a ship and they go to many different shores. One day they make a fire on an island which appears to be a very large fish. Sinbad is saved by Allah, for a tub appears which brings him to the shore of an island. On this island he finds a mare which screams at him. A man appears who tells him they put the mare on the beach to attract the stallions from the sea. When the stallions want to cover the mares they cannot bring them to the sea because the mares are tight. The men then appear and scare away the stallions. The mare will conceive colts and fillies of which none is found their like. Sinbad is then brough to the King of the land Mihrjan. He makes him a registrar at the port. One day a ship arrives with cargo which is Sindbad’s. After the story of his travel they believe him and he goes back to Baghdad, after selling his goods and bringing new ones to the city. He again becomes rich.

When Sinbad was a child he was left a lot wealth by his deceased father. He grows up in luxury, but in the end he wakes up finding his wealth mostly gone. He buys the goods needed for a voyage, because “who seeketh Fame without toil and strife / Th’impossible seeketh and wasteth life.” So he goes from shore to shore when he comes to an island where they light fires. But the master of ship screams to them to come back, because they are on the back of a fish stationary. Sinbad is too late but is saved  by Allah. A tub floats towards him with which he comes to shore of an island.

After some days and nights eating fruit and resting under the trees Sinbad sees a horse in the distance. When Sinbad draws near the horse screams at him. He wants to run away but a man appears who calms him down. He takes him into a Sardab, or underground chamber, where Sindbad learns there are more men like him who are the grooms of King Mihrjan and they keep the horses. With every full moon they bring the mares to the beach. Out from the sea come stallions and do their will with the mares. When they want to take them into sea, they can’t as the mares are tight with leg-ropes. Then the men will appear and scare away the stallions. The mares conceive colts and fillies of which none is found their like. He then offers Sinbad to see the country and its King. The stallion comes and covers the mare on the beach.

They eat and drink and then go to the King. Sinbad relates his story and the King makes him agent for the port and registrar of the ships. He speaks to a lot of the merchants and travellers and sailors of the city of Baghdad and he grows weary. Sinbad sees, however,  many wonderous and wonderful things in the realm of King Mihrjan. One day there comes a ship with cargo which belongs a certain merchant called Sinbad. Sindbad says he is the merchant but the merchants do not believe him at once. But Sinbad relates the details of his travels upon which the merchants believe him. He goes to King Mihrjan and gives him a present, sells his goods, buys new ones and sets sail to Baghdad where he becomes rich again and buy slaves and eunuchs.

Sindbad the Sailer says he will tell the story of his second voyage the next day. He gives the Porter hundred gold pieces. The Porter sleeps in his own house and comes back to Sinbad the Seaman, who sets meat and drink before them.

B. The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
C. The Third Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
D. The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
E. The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
F. The Sixth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
G. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman

From: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 06

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