19E. The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad the Seamen

Sinbad again goes on a ship to travel. The crew of the ship finds a Rukh’s egg. They break it open to eat the flesh, but are attacked by its parents. A big rock lets the ship sink. Only Sinbad knows to reach an island where he finds a silent old man. He takes him on his neck and the man grabs himself tight around Sinbad’s neck, not letting go. Finally, he knows the man to get drunk and kills him with a rock. On the beach he waves to a ship. Its crew gives Sinbad food and drink. They come to the City of Apes where people flee to the water at night because of the apes from the mountains. Sinbad has to collect pebbles which are thrown to the apes. They throw nuts and fruit back which the people catch. Sinbad knows to collect a lot of cocao-nuts which he brings along on a ship. He trades the nuts for other things and comes back to Baghdad.

Sinbad longs to travel again, so he sets sail with a number of merchants. One day they find a Rukh‘s egg and they break it open to eat the flesh of the bird within. The parents attack the ship with rocks and the ship is crushed. Sinbad is saved by fortune of Allah and is cast upon a shore.

Here he finds an old man at a spring, first he thinks the is from the same as he, but he finds out the man does not talk. He wants to deal with him kindly for he may be a paralytic and may win a reward in heaven. Sinbad takes the man on his shoulders but when he want to lower him the man grips Sinbad by his shoulders with his legs. Sinbad almost chokes, but the man doesn’t let go. Finally Sinbad ferments some grapes into strong wine, he drinks some and dances around. The man on his neck also wants some of the wine and he gets drunk. Sinbad grabs his legs and hits his head with a stone until he is dead.

When Sinbad sits on a beach a ship comes into sight and its crew explain, after Sinbad told them about the old man, that the man is the Shaykh al-Bahr, or Old Man of the Sea, from whom nobody made it alive. The give Sinbad food and drink and they comes one day at a place called the City of Apes. Here people go into boats at night to be safe from the apes which come from the mountains and steal fruit. Sinbad is reminded of the apes from his other voyages.

Sinbad gets the assignment to collect pebbles from the beach. He does so and the pebbles are used to throw at apes. These apes throw fruit back which the people collect. Sinbad knows to collect cocao-nuts this way. He wants to give the nuts to his host but he declines. Sinbad sets off on a ship that lays anchor near the city. He is allowed to leave and sets off. He trades his nuts for cinnamon, cloves and pepper. At one island he asks some pearl-divers to dive pearls for him, and they are very lucky and get a lot of pearls for cocao-nuts. Then he goes to Bassorah and continues to Baghdad where he gives alms and clothes the widow and the orphan.

Then Sinbad calls for food and everybody eats. Sinbad the Landsman is given again a hundred dinars and comes back the next day.

A. The First Voyage of Sinbad Hight the Seaman
B. The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
C. The Third Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
D. The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
F. The Sixth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
G. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman

From: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 06

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