19F. The Sixth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman

Sinbad goes travelling again. His ship is lost on sea and they strand upon an island. His fellow shipmen become mad of the riches on the beach. All the crew eventually dies of famine and Sinbad eventually goes in a self-made raft up the river with jewels from the river. He comes to an island where there is a mountain with precious ores and jewels. He is repected on the island and is sent by its King to bring a letter and present to the Caliph of Baghdad. When Sinbad is at the Caliph he praises the King and is amazed by the voyage of Sinbad.

After forgetting all the suffering Sinbad yearns to travel again. So he goes along with some merchants. They sell and buy from city to city, but one day the captain became stressed of grief and rage. They were lost an he did not know where to go to.

They crush against a mountain and everything is plunged into the sea. Sinbad comes with some survivors to a peninsula. He walks inland and finds a stream of sweet water. The others are dispersed over the island and become mad of the riches found on the shore. But Sinbad finds rubies, great royal pearls and other jewels in the stream.

Eventually some of the crew die because of famine and they are washed and buried. Sinbad hopes he would be dead too. When he buries the last of his crew he begins to travel again. He starts building a raft from Chinese and Comorin aloes-woods and fills it with precious ores and jewels. He comes to an island with a number of Abyssinians and Indians. One of them speaks Arabic. He is brought to the King of Sarandib and he is most welcome. Sinbad presents the King with the jewels from his raft and he is accepted and treated with the utmost honour.

There is a lofty mountain on the island which contains many kinds of rubies, diamonds and pearls and in its valleys. Sinbad tells the people of Caliph Harun al-Rashid and his rule. The king marvels and wnats Sinbad to bring the Caliph a present. Sinbad sets off with some merchant. The present is a ruby cup with precious pearls. Sinbad goes to the Caliph and tells him of the island and its King. The Caliph praises the king. Sinbad also relates his story and then goes home.

After the tale a table is laid out and they eat. Sinbad the Landsman gets a hundred dinars and returns the next day.

A. The First Voyage of Sinbad Hight the Seaman
B. The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
C. The Third Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
D. The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
E. The Fifth Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman
G. The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad the Seaman

From: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 06

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