2B. The Second Kalandar’s Tale

The second Kalandar is a rich man who is one day attacked by thugs. When he goes to a tailor he has to get something out of the woods. Here he finds a woman imprisoned by an Ifrit behind a trapdoor. They have intercourse and the Ifrit finds out. She is killed and the Kalandar is transformed into an ape. The Kalandar travels by ship to a kingdom where he becomes Wazir. The daughter of the king finds out that the ape is transformed by an Ifrit and confronts it. They are both killed and the king threatens the Kalandar to kill him because of the ill fortune he brought to the kingdom. The Kalandar flees to the city where he finds the other Kalandars.

The second Kalandar is a learned son of a rich King. One day he is asked to come to another court. Het sets out but is attacked by thugs. The Kalandar flees. After a long time the Kalandar comes to a city and talks to a tailor. The tailor tells him that the King of the land is a sworn enemy of his father. The Kalandar states he is a learned man, but the tailor says that that is not of good use. He is ordered to get soms stuff from the wood where finds a trapdoor. Behind the door is a beautiful lady who is being kept there. The lady is the daughter of King Ifitamus taken by an Ifrit, her cousin. Every ten days he comes and lies with her. She has dwelt twenty-five years in this place. She likes the comfort of a real man and they bathe together.

After a while the Kalandar gets so drunk he says he isn’t afraid of the Ifrit. But when it comes he runs away and hides. The Ifrit notices a pair of sandals and a hatchet. The Kalandar runs away again altough the lady is tortured naked. The Ifrit finds the Kalandar by asking people whose sandals and hatchet they are. The Kalandar falls into a fissure at the tailor’s place where the Ifrit tortures the woman to tell him the Kalandar and she had an affair. They both deny, but the Ifrit cuts off her hands, feet and head. The Kalandar is changed into an ape of a hundred years.

The Kalandar escapes by use of a ship. At first the crew wants to kill him but the captain shows pity. When they come to a land where the King has lost his Wazir and has issued a test for people to show their worth and become the new Wazir, the Kalandar shows his worth. The King is amazed by the abilities of the ape and buys it from the captain.

The daughter of the king, however, notices the magic of the ape and says he is a man. She confronts the Ifrit and they have battle in which they morph into different animals and objects. When the Ifrit turns into grain, the daughter misses one seed. She wins by fate but the seed makes the Ifrit to stab her and they both turn into ashes. During the battle, just before the final blow, the daughter by accident hurts the Kalandar’s eye. When years later the King is dying he tells the Kalandar to flee, for although it is not the Kalandar’s fault, by his arrival the fortune of the King and his daughter disappeared. So he does, he shaves himself and goes to the city where he meets the first Kalandar.

His story is approved by the lady, but he wants to stay and listen to the story of the Third Kalandar.

From The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 01

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