2C. The Third Kalandar’s Tale

The Kalandar is a rich Prince who gets shipwrecked by a Magnet Mountain. He destroys the mountain by shooting leaden arrows to its bronze horse. In a skiff he mentions the name of Allah and is thrown into the sea. On an island he finds a trap-door behind which hides a man. He is hid there by his father who fears his son will get killed. The Kalandar by accident kills the man and flees the island by use newly appeared land. He comes to a palace with some strange men who weep and put soot on their bodies. He is brought into the palace by use of a roc. Here he finds forty women with which he shares his bed. When the women have to go away for some time they leave him with forty keys to the forty doors of the palace. He opens the final door, which he was not allowed. He sees a steed a wants to ride it. The steed hurts his left eye and brings him to the other men. The Kalandar is not allowed to stay with the men and he goes away, shaves his beard in shame en meets the other Kalandars.

The third Kalandar is a Prince who one day sails with a fleet of merchant ships. He gets shipwrecked by a Magnet Mountain which attracts all the nails of the ship. On the ship he hears about a bronze horse-man on top of the mountain which needs to be toppled. Once he is shipwrecked he gets a dream to shoot leaden arrows with a brass bow toward the bronze horse-man. He has to bury the horse where he got the bow. A skiff will appear and will bring him to the Islands of Safety, but he must not mention the name of Allah to the boatman. He does everything his dream showed him but mentions the name of Allah in the skiff. He is dropped into sea and comes to an island. After some time a boat with slaves appears at the island and they open a hidden trap-door. He finds out a man lives under the ground. His father got a message from astrologists that once the Magnet Mountain was destroyed his son would be killed by a man within forty days. So right when the Magnet Mountain was destroyed he hid his son. He tells the Kalandar the name of the murderer and it is the Kalandar’s: Ajib bin Khazib. He doesn’t believe it, but after a wonderful time on day 39, the Kalandar stumbles and falls with a knife, by accident, into the man and kills him. The Kalandar runs away and the man is picked up by the slaves. The Kalandar can make his way from the island because land appears out of the sea after some time.

The Kalandar follows a light and comes to a Palace with a bronze gate. He finds ten young men missing a left eye. He follows them and a very old man to their mansion. At night they suddenly start weeping and put black soot on their bodies. They tell the Kalandar not to ask about this, but finally he does. They tell him to go in a goat skin and be grabbed by a Roc. It will bring him to a palace. Afterwards they will tell him their story. At the palace the Kalandar finds forty women. He shares his bed with one woman a night. Then the ladies must disappear for forty days and they give him the keys of the forty (in other versions 100) doors. He is not allowed to open the final door. Behind the doors are many expensive and sumptuous things and he opens the final door. He faints and when he wakes up he finds a steed. He wants to ride the steed but does not move. When he whips it very hard it goes off, its tail hits his left eye and it falls out off his eye socket. The steed flies through the air and brings the Kalandar to the other left-eye-less men. They tell him they have experienced exactly the same. The Kalandar is not allowed to stay with the group. He shaves his beard in shame, goes to Baghdad and meets the other two Kalandars.

After this story he is allowed to leave the house of the three ladies. The Caliph is also allowed to leave after the story how he got there. The next day the Caliph wants the three ladies to be brought to his palace, where she has to tell the her story, her sisters´stories and the story two bitches, which she will tell.

From The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 01

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