2D. The Eldest Lady’s Tale

 The eldest lady gets a great heritage from her parents. Her sisters lose their money by ill-chosen husbands. One day the lady sets out on a voyage and comes to a desolate city. Here she finds a man who tells her the city is punished by Allah. He has turned all the inhabitants into black stone statues for nor heeding the word of Allah. They go from the city back home to marry, but they are both thrown overboard by the lady’s sisters. He drowns, but she comes on a shore where she sees a serpent and a dragon fighting. She helps the serpent which appaers to be a Jinniyah. The Jinniyah shipwrecked the sisters and turns them into bitches which the lady has to beat every night, otherwise she will be transformed as well.

The eldest lady says that the two bitches are her sisters and the other two ladies are her half-sisters. Both her parents died subsequently and left a great heritage to the sisters. Her sisters married twice, but were twice deceived leaving them poor. The eldest lady took them back into her home. One day she goes on a merchant ship and came to a desolate city where she finds a man who tells her his story.

Once this was a mighty city, but they did not believe in Allah. There was an old lady who knew the ways of Allah and taught the King’s son of His ways. Allah spoke twice to the kingdom and warned them (once every year) and in the third year turned all the people into stone statues except for the King’s son, who kept praying till this day. He joins the eldest lady to go back to her home and marry. The sisters become very jealous and throw the man and their sister overboard. He drowns but she is saved by Allah.

On the shore the eldest lady finds a serpent and Dragon fighting. She takes pity on the serpent and helps her. The serpent appears to be a Jinniyah washing her feet when she wakes up. The Jinniyah sank the ship and transformed her sisters into black bitches. The eldest sister must beat her sisters three-hundred times every night otherwise the eldest sister will also be transformed.

From The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 01

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