9. Hatim of the Tribe of Tayy

Zu ‘l-Kura’a camps at the grave of Hatim of Tayy. The dead Hatim gives him food by killing Zu’s she-camel, but through his son gives one back.

When Hatim of the tribe of Tayy was buried two stone girls were placed at his grave and weeping was heard every night.

When Emir Zu ‘l-Kura’a passes he is told of this and he jesters that they are the hungry guests of Hatim tonight. He wakes up and screams to his companions to look for his beast. They find his she-camel struck-down, they stab and eat it. Zu ‘l-Kura’a tells them he had dream in which Hatim killed his she-camel.

As they move on, Zu ‘l-Kura’a sharing a camel with one of his companions,  they encounter a man who says he’s Adi, son of Hatim, and seeks Zu ‘l-Kura’a. Adi’s father killed Zu ‘l-Kura’a she-camel and Adi gives a new one to him. Hatim told his son in a dream about Zu ‘l-Kura’a’s request for food. They all praise the generosity of Hatim of Tayy alive and dead.

From: The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 04

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