Shahrazad asks King Shahriyar to spare her recently born children and herself. The King will spare her out of respect for her stories. King Shahriyar weds Shahrazad and his brother is invited for the festivities. When he hears of the stories of Shahrazad, Shahriyar’s brother wants to wed her sister Dunyazad. Lots of festivities take place. Shahrazad’s father becomes Viceroy and Sultan of Samarcand. King Shahriyar lets chroniclers write down the The Stories of Thousands Nights and A Night. After both brothers have died a wise ruler let folk copy and spread the stories now known as The marvels and wonders of the Thousand Nights and A Night.

During this time Shahrazad now asks King Shahriyar a boon. She let her three boys, whom she bore in the thousand night, been brought to them and asks if the King would spare them. He should also spare her, as they would be motherless. The King replies that he will spare her because of her chastity, pureness, ingenuousness and piousness. Shahrazad says he should forget the past and the Kind acknowledges he should cease to blame himself. Then he summons her father the Wazir and bestows him with costly and a splendid robe of honour. He tells his Wazirs, Emirs and Chief Officers he will wed Shahrazad. He sends after his brother, king Shah Zaman, who comes.

The city is decorated and during the festivities King Shahriyar tells his brother all about the proverbs, parable, chronicles, pleasantries, quips, jests, stories and anecdotes of Shahrazad. Upon hearing this his brother asks to wed Shahrazad´s sister Dunyazad. King Shahriyar acquainted him with his sister-in-law. Shah Zaman also says he doesn’t want to lay claim on the again anymore. Then both brides and the brothers go to the Hammam-bath. The brides are attired in different dresses one more beautiful than the other. Afterwards both couples retire to their own apartments.

Shahrazad’s father become Viceroy in Samarcand where they made him Sultan. The brothers rule each a day in turn and the peoples and the provinces were at peace. In due time King Shahriyar summoned chroniclers and copyists and bids them to write all that betided him with his wife. They write his down and name it The Stories of Thousands Nights and A Night. The book is thirty volumes and the Kind lays them in his treasury. Then after many years the brother died and Kings inherit their riches. One wise ruler reads all the stories and bids folk to copy and spread them. And the people name is The marvels and wonders of the Thousand Nights and A Night, which is all that has come down to us.

From The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 10