2A. The First Kalandar’s Tale

The Kalandar buries his cousin with his sister. When he returns to his father’s palace he finds the Wazir has taken power. The Wazir takes the eye of the Kalandar out of revenge and wants to kill the Kalandar but he is set free by a servant. The Kalandar goes to the sepulchre with his uncle. They find the coaled bodies of his uncle’s son and daughter. Upon returning the Wazir attacks the kingdom and kills the uncle. The Kalandar flees and shaves his beard to disguise himself.

The first Kalandar tells the story of how he got his beard shaven off and lost an eye. Upon a night he was drinking with his nephew and then they got to a grave. The Kalandar had given his word that he would obey what his nephew would ask and so he buries his nephew in a sepulchre with a beautiful lady. He goes to his uncle’s place, but his uncle is not there. He sleeps for the rest of the night. The Kalandar goes back to his father’s palace but he is taken prisoner by the Wazir of his father. The Wazir has taken over power and killed his father. The Kalandar once by accident took the eye of the Wazir, so the Wazir takes his eye and orders a servant to kill him outside. Outside the Kalandar starts to sing a sad song and the servant weeps along and sets him free. When the Kalandar is back with his uncle they go to the sepulchre. They find the coaled bodies of his uncle’s son and daughter, they were lovers. When they returned to the palace the uncle took his cousin as his son, but the Wazir who had killed the Kalandar’s father now attacked the kingdom of his uncle. His uncle is slain and the Kalandar flees. He shaves off his beard and eye-brows and puts on rags to disguise himself. He goes to the city to ask for help. It is here he found the other Kalandars.

His story is approved by the lady, but he wants to stay and listen to the story of the Second Kalandar.

From The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night — Volume 01

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